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Welcome to the Arkansas Foster Parent website! The Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) recognizes that we could not take care of our foster children without you, and we appreciate what you do for us every day! We have created this website in an effort to better communicate with our foster parents and keep you up to date with information that you need to know. We want you to be able to access information any time you need it!


With this website, DCFS hopes to have more informed foster parents who feel like they are more than just a foster parent, but also part of a team! We want to keep you up to date on policy/procedures that may affect foster parents, news that may impact foster families, etc. There are links to other sites that will be helpful for foster parents to access, and the calendar of events will list upcoming dates of conferences, etc.

More than anything, we want Arkansas Foster Parents to feel supported! We appreciate the time and love that you give to foster children, and DCFS couldn’t do this without you!

Foster Parents Wanted

Right now, right here in Arkansas, there are children who need foster parents. Some of them are older and some have brothers and sisters. They have strengths and weaknesses, needs and worries, just like all kids do! What they need right now is a parent like you who can help meet their needs and take care of their problems.

*If you are a non-profit organization and would like to partner with DHS to recruit and support foster family homes in your community, please call (501) 682-8537.


Thank you for serving our children as foster parents in Arkansas!

In an effort to better serve the children in our care and to assist the families that care for those children, DCFS has instituted the policy of conducting licensing visits to each foster home.

All foster homes will receive a visit from a Licensing Specialist at some point during the year. Licensing Specialists are assigned to various Areas of the state and will visit homes throughout the year. Your home may be visited at anytime during the year.

If you have any questions regarding licensing visits , please contact Kathy Mackay at (501) 268-2714, ext. 115 or Peggy Poole at ext. 112.

For all other foster parent information please contact us at: DCFS Questions

Income Tax Information

Board payments paid to foster parents are not considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Services. Current tax laws may allow special treatment for foster parents. Because IRS laws are complex and subject to change from year to year, for specific tax advice foster parents should refer to Publication 17, “Your Federal Income Tax”, or consult with an accountant or tax specialist. (p.22)

Source: Arkansas DHS/Division of Children and Family Services/Foster Family Handbook


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